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The Munson Karate institute has two primary programs available all year. A Kajukenpo Karate program and an Aerobic Kickboxing program. We have recently added programs for HEMA/LED Saber, Grappling Fundamentals, and Tai Chi.

All programs include a ONE MONTH FREE trial program. Visitors can register at the Dojo for the trial program at the door and do not need to call in advance for the regularly scheduled classes.

    • Karate Family Program - Kajukenpo



      Aerobic Kickboxing, KAJUKENPO KARATE

      $85.00 / month Select
    • Aerobic Kickboxing - Monthly unlimited



      Aerobic Kickboxing

      $50.00 / month Select
    • Trial Program

      1 month


      Aerobic Kickboxing, Historical Fencing, KAJUKENPO KARATE, Tai Chi

      FREE Select
    • Aerobic Kickboxing - 10 Class Pack


      10 sessions

      Aerobic Kickboxing

      $150.00 Select

    Karate Program - Kajukenpo

    Kajukenpo Karate as part of the Karate Institute of America organization. The program allows access to Kajukenpo Karate classes scheduled for the appropriate age and rank as well as access to the Aerobic Kickboxing program. The Karate program is primarily an in-person program, but there are some Zoom sessions available for Members.

    Membership Includes

    1 Student Gi

    1 Patch

    1 General Belt Test per year

    Karate Pricing

    $85 per month for the first student

    $150 per month for two students

    $195 for three or more students

    Testing Fees

    General Testing - $25

    Senior Belt Testing - $45

    Black Belt Testing - See Instructor

    Aerobic Kickboxing program

    Membership includes

    Aerobic Kickboxing - in-person

    Aerobic Kickboxing - Zoom

    Aerobic Kickboxing Pricing

    $50 per month - Unlimited Aerobic Kickboxing

    $150 - 10 pack of classes.

    Tai Chi program

    Membership includes

    $40 per month - Once a week Tai Chi class - Saturdays

    HEMA/LED Saber Program

    Membership includes

    $40 per month - Once a week sword class - Mondays

    Grappling Fundamentals Program

    Membership includes

    $40 per month - Once a week grappling fundamentals class - Mondays